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I'm wanting to be crystal clear....🔮

🚀 What Exnoscan does:

Exnoscan uses various tools to try and find exposed services and bring them to light.- Exposed services.
- Potential weak spots.
- Potential Misconfiguration
You will get a report to show what is reachable or visible on the internet, plus a few warning.* more aggressive scans are in the works that will query further, find paths, port scanning and more... 🚀

❌ What Exnoscan does not do:

Exnoscan cannot find something that is not there. 🔍Can I promise it will find something: NO ❗️This is important to understand.--Running this does not guarantee a report that will flag multiple findings that you were not aware of. If anything, a small, simple report could show the opposite. ✅I use my words carefully, as "could" implies that it's also not guaranteed to be the answer to the result. In some cases, the search or tools behind the service may not be adequate.For Exnoscan, I continue to improve the service so that this is not the case. 🧠

🕛 Where's my scan?

The automated report (basic) aims to be with you within 30 minutes, however, due to demand it may take longer. 🐌 Please do bear with! 🧸For AdHoc scans, they will come in time! Here I will:- Run further OSINT on your domain and email the results.The AdHoc scans are included in the price, and you may get more than you bargained for. 👍

👋 Support:

I'm here for you! 🫵I've not created this to be a scam. If you need help or explanations, please reach out to me on X: @amoranioI will try my utmost best to support you! 🚀 Don't be shy!If you didn't get your report, or you're confused, entered the wrong details, or you simply are like.... W00t 😵! = Send me a message.If you're not a fan of Elons site, Email here:

💰 Lets Talk Refunds:

Although it's hard to say how your report will turn out, I would ask you take into consideration my points above. I run this alone, and the money goes towards the infrastructure. 🧱I can also work with you on your results. 🙂That being said, I'm not a crook.🚨All refunds will be reviewed, however, please contact me first!The aim of Exnoscan is to help. I want this service to be successful which starts with happy customers!

🔒 Privacy Policy:

I highly value your privacy and are committed to safeguarding your personal information when you use our services.Information Collection: I collect only the necessary information required to provide our services. When you submit a request, we gather your email address and domain name. We do not store or use login credentials.Purpose of Information: The data we collect is exclusively used to deliver the requested service to you. We will not utilize this information for any other purposes without obtaining your explicit consent.Data Retention: Your email address and domain name are retained only for the duration necessary to fulfill the intended purpose. Once the service is provided, we securely delete this data. You can also request this to be deleted.Data Security: I employ commercially acceptable security measures to protect your data from potential risks, including loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification.Information Sharing: I do not share your personally identifying information with third parties unless compelled by legal requirements.Compliance with Data Protection Laws: Exnoscan is fully compliant with applicable data protection laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), serving as both a data controller and data processor for the personal data processed through our services.External Links: Please note that our website may contain links to external sites. We do not have control over their content or practices and cannot assume responsibility or liability for their respective privacy policies.Refusal of Information: You have the right to decline providing your personal information. However, it's important to be aware that such refusal may impact our ability to offer certain services.Acceptance of Privacy Policy: By using our services, you signify your acceptance of our privacy practices and how we handle personal information, as outlined in this policy.Contact Me: Should you have any questions or concerns regarding how we manage user data and personal information, we encourage you to get in touch. Currently, I'm using X: @amoranioThis privacy policy is effective as of 03/09/2023.

📄 Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Exnoscan! By using our services, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms of Use.
Third-Party Terms
Exnoscan utilizes for certain aspects of our services. Please familiarize yourself with's terms of service, which can be found here. Your use of Exnoscan also constitutes acceptance of's terms as they apply to our platform. This includes cookie policies.
Service Description
Exnoscan provides domain-related reports and results delivered via email. Once you've received your report, the transaction is considered complete.
User Acknowledgments
By submitting a request through Exnoscan, you acknowledge the following:
-- You are the owner of the domain being probed.-- You own the email address where the report will be delivered.-- You do not intend to use our service for malicious purposes or to cause harm.Refunds
Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to our review process. However, please note that refunds may not be granted in cases where you have received the report, as the transaction is considered complete at that point.
Warranties and Limitation of Liability
If you choose an option where Exnoscan probes the domain, you are accepting the associated risks and potential consequences. Exnoscan's scans are intended for reconnaissance purposes only and do not involve the provision of software. We take no responsibility for any incidents, issues, or damages that may arise from the scan or its results. By selecting this option, you assume any associated risks.
General TermsExnoscan is not responsible for any actions taken by users based on the information provided in our reports.
These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of [Your Jurisdiction]. Any disputes will be resolved in accordance with these laws.
You agree that no joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationship exists between you and Exnoscan as a result of your use of our services. You may not represent yourself as a representative, agent, or employee of Exnoscan.Please note that these Terms of Use are effective immediately upon your use of Exnoscan. It's important to review them periodically as they may be subject to updates or changes.

💤 In Summary

Please understand what you are buying and don't abuse the service!I will try my hardest to upon the target SLAs however please bear with me 🐻🙏!

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